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Guarantees and Returns Policy

I hope you'll love your handmade jewellery - but if you don't, you're free to return it (as long as it hasn't been worn) for 30 days following purchase. You don't have to say why, and I won't ask questions - just be sure to get in touch before sending it back so I know it's coming and who it's coming from. As soon as it arrives safely back with me in the same condition it was sold in, I'll send you a full refund. The only exception to this blanket rule is returning custom orders, which have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the level of customisation.

You want to own - or give - high quality handmade jewellery. That's why, as of 2014, all of my pieces come with a five year guarantee. If they are damaged by normal use during this time, they can be fixed or replaced by me, free of charge. I am a one-person operation, and I make and pack all the jewellery and accessories myself (except for a very few items which are made by my sister). It's very important to me on a personal level that I'm making things that I think are beautiful and well-made and enjoyable; but it's even more important that you enjoy them too - after all, they spend just a short time with me, but much longer with you.

If you are worried that your jewellery has not arrived when it should have done, please let me know - particularly if you're outside the UK, as things can sometimes take longer to arrive than expected.

If anything is damaged or lost during transit, just get in touch and I'll sort it out for you. I can repair or replace damaged items, and I can replace items lost in the post.