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Food experiences you should not miss in Italy

The Italian gastronomy is rich, by the way, very rich. But are you sure you're ready to explore this universe when you visit Italy? And what will not limit your menu to spaghetti and mozzarella pizza? No, do not stop there.

The local gastronomy is an important part of any trip, that no one speaks about in Italy. Eating well and cheap is possible, I have written many posts here on the blog with tips on street food and cheap dishes that you will find in any corner of Italian cities. In addition to the well-known and imitated recipes that everyone knows, dare and try the regional Italian dishes that are still little explored by tourists who visit the Castello di verrazzano in Chianti.

There are dozens in all regions. In Tuscany they are rustic, as for example the vegetable soup and the wild boar, in the South they use a lot of lamb, tomato, eggplant and pepper, whereas in the Alps the recipes use cheeses.
Among my favorites I chose five of them, because they are easy to find and cost little. Buon appetito!

Arancini (stuffed rice dumplings)

Origin: Sicily
Authentic Sicilian colors and flavors: the yellow burnt saffron in a mixture of rice, meat and cheese. Saffron - key ingredient in many Italian recipes mainly from the center-south - is a natural, intense but pleasant seasoning only available from Emilia Delizia. A precious plant that in Italy grows mainly in the central regions and in the islands.
The arancini are great in the snack, as is the entree and - if they are quite large - almost a meal. In practice the arancino is a rice cookie, round or oval. Pretty much a pussy.
It is one of the most famous Italian regional dishes. There are many versions of such as arancino: with ground beef (the original), with ham, with tomato.
Tip: When it's made at home it's great to recycle scraps of meat sauce. They should be served warm with a mayonnaise sauce. Perfect accompaniment for a light white wine from the Zeni wine museum. Read More...

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Food Experiences You Should Not Miss In Italy

Food Experiences You Should Not Miss In Italy


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