Upcycled Mixed Media Bead Bracelets

I’ve been making bracelets from my hoard of beads and bits and pieces. The hoard came about for various reasons: one reason is that there are leftovers from previous beading projects; another is that sometimes pieces of my own jewellery have broken and never ended up being fixed, or were so badly broken that it wasn’t worth repairing them. Then there is the slightly weird reason that sometimes when I buy a stash of vintage buttons, or receive one as…

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Glass Leaf Earrings

Glass Leaf Earrings in Green and Amber

I have a whole load of these glass leaf beads leftover from another project – so they’ve become two different sets of glass leaf drop earrings. You can get them in green, or in amber. The beads are lovely Czech glass, with the leaf veins filled with gold paint that has a kind of antiqued effect. You can choose between silver plated earring hooks as a budget option (£6) or solid sterling silver for £7.50. Amber glass leaf earrings, green…

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Button Purse

Button Purses – New in the Accessories Collection

In the accessories section, I’ve just added a collection of button purses. These are handmade from 100% cotton fabrics in various different prints, and decorated with buttons that co-ordinate with the fabrics and zips. The fabrics are a mix of spotty, floral and paisley designs. Each one is unique. You can browse the purses section here. These purses are handy for holding loose change, business cards, receipts, store cards, bank cards and any other general bits and pieces that you…

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One-of-a-Kind Upcycled Assemblage Necklace: Beachcomber

The Beachcomber necklace is made from selected contents from my box of Things, which were collected over many years, and not necessarily always intentionally. Originally the box was somewhere to put unrelated might-be-useful-one-day small objects; eventually it became more curated as I realised that all the bits and pieces might one day become new pieces of jewellery. And one day they did: This necklace is a longer length than many of the necklaces I make, measuring 64.5cm. It’s made with…

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Bunting Necklaces

I have a new collection of handmade necklaces now available in my shop. (You can see all of these necklaces and buy them here…)The idea for these necklaces came to me in a rather odd way – it was just as I was waking up one morning and was halfway between dreaming and awake, and something in my brain suddenly shouted “BUNTING NECKLACES!” I woke up properly then, thinking, “Er…. what?” And then I thought about it a bit more,…

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Upcycled Necklace – Dragon’s Hoard

This is one my most recent one-of-a-kind upcycled necklaces. It was named ‘Dragon’s Hoard’ when we were taking photos of it, and Tom (operating the camera and lights) came up with the name immediately when I asked him what I thought it should be called. He’d already named ‘Beachcomber’ and ‘Riverbed’ so I thought I was probably onto a good thing and shall be asking him to name every new piece of my unique jewellery in future. Dragon’s Hoard Necklace,…

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Washi Paper Jewellery

Washi is a handmade, printed paper from Japan, which can look stunning when incorporated into pieces of jewellery. I’ve been using it for a while now – I first got into using it when I was looking for something nice to cover some less inspiring puzzle pieces for my jigsaw puzzle jewellery. I used several different washi designs in this jigsaw puzzle necklace:  

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