New Jewellery Sets: Button and Washi Paper Jewellery

The Unexpected Boutique now has a range a discounted jewellery sets featuring matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Currently there are duos from the button jewellery, teapot jewellery and washi paper jewellery collections, with savings of up to £12 when you buy a set rather than two pieces of jewellery separately.

Here are a few of the sets that are on offer:

washi paper pendant necklace and drop earrings set, £16

vintage colours button charm necklace and bracelet set, £50

teapot necklace and bracelet in pink, brown and blue - £40

Riverbed Necklace: Green and Copper Upcycled Jewellery

Riverbed Necklace

Riverbed Necklace, £45

One of a small selection of one-of-a-kind necklaces at the Unexpected Boutique, the Riverbed Necklace combines chunky copper chain and coppery vintage buttons with an assortment of green things - more vintage buttons, beads from an old broken necklace, and heart shaped gemstones. Its name, as you've probably guessed, comes from its resemblance to pebbles and underwater plants in a stream.

You can see more photos of this necklace in the shop here.

Unexpected Boutique Jewellery Sale

In a predictably English manner, I'm going to begin this post with a comment about the weather. The weather is pretty gloomy around my house at the moment. It tried to be springlike, briefly, but appear to have given up again after a small show of daffodils. The view out of my window looks like this:

[Not Exactly Inspiring.]

Even the jackdaws are looking a bit despondent.

Not that you can see them very well, because of the fog.

In an utterly tenuous attempt to cheer things up a bit, I have created a larger-than-average sale on the Unexpected Boutique website, and it is mostly composed of brightly coloured things. You can browse the sale section here.

Washi Paper Jewellery

Washi is a handmade, printed paper from Japan, which can look stunning when incorporated into pieces of jewellery. I've been using it for a while now - I first got into using it when I was looking for something nice to cover some less inspiring puzzle pieces for my jigsaw puzzle jewellery. I used several different washi designs in this jigsaw puzzle necklace:

Jigsaw Puzzle Necklace with Washi Paper

Jigsaw Puzzle Necklace with Washi Paper - £28

Then came same jigsaw puzzle earrings made on a similar theme:

  Jigsaw Puzzle Earrings with Washi Paper

Jigsaw Puzzle Earrings with Washi Paper - £10

As well as a jigsaw puzzle set, another mini-collection available at the Unexpected Boutique uses simple tiles and glazing techniques, to make a pendant necklace, glazed stud earrings, and a chunky silvertone bracelet - any of which could be mixed and matched with the jigsaw puzzle piece jewellery, too.

Washi Tile Pendant Necklace

 Washi Tile Pendant Necklace - £10

Glazed Washi Stud Earrings - £8

 Glazed Washi Stud Earrings - £8

Chunky Washi Stretch Bracelet

 Chunky Washi Stretch Bracelet - £18

Unexpected Boutique Jewellery Photos

Here are some photos from last year, featuring jewellery from the Unexpected Boutique and taken outside the Treasurer's House, York.

safety pin necklace

Safety Pin Necklace

Necklace: safety pin charm necklace, £35

Button Necklace
Necklace: forest green button necklace, £20

Teapot Necklace
Necklace: pink, brown and blue teapot necklace, £25

felt beads necklace
Necklace: multicoloured felt beads necklace, £12.50